What to consider before purchasing a commercial safe

Securing and preventing all the important business documents has to be the top priority for any business owner. No insurance can substitute irreplaceable items and documents. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you invest in a proper commercial safe for such valuables against unforeseen incidents like fire or burglary. 

To help you make a sound decision, you need to understand the various safety ratings and the mechanisms that would be most suitable to protect your valuables. Here are a few features that you need to consider when choosing a commercial safe.

Value of the Documents and Items

First and foremost, comes the value of the documents and items that you need to keep in the safe to determine what kind of commercial safe you should purchase. If they are not very sensitive, the security level will not be very high and if these items and documentations are highly sensitive, then the business safe should be able to meet the sensitivity too. Before hunting for a commercial safe, you should assess the value, size, and number of goods so that you can buy a business safe with enough space and the right protection. Think long-term. Even if you have a lesser number now, in the long run, it’s wise to have extra space.  

Fire Resistance Ratings

One of the top features of a steady and reliable commercial safe is its fire-resistance rating. A high-quality safe is always adequately fireproof. When choosing a commercial safe, it is essential to find out the ratings given on the safe that would tell you how well you can safeguard your goods.  Ratings also vary from one type of safe to another. These ratings are given in terms of time. These timings tell you how much endurance, resistance and impact a safe can handle in case of fire, explosion, or both combined.  A top-notch commercial safe with durable built can resist up to 2000 degrees till almost four hours in case of a fire. 

Burglary Ratings 

Another type of rating that you need to look out for is the Burglary Rating. When planning to purchase a commercial safe, look out for this rating separately as safe built to resist the fire cannot necessarily be adequate to be secure against burglary. However, finding a safe that protects against both burglars and fires can be very difficult to find and when available, it can be hard on your pocket. A simple solution is to invest in a smaller fire-resistant safe where you can lock up your valuable documents and hard drives with digital data and lock it up inside the more spacious burglar resistant safe for comprehensive protection. 

The Safe’s Lock Mechanism

No matter how durable and resistant commercial safe you purchase, it is still vulnerable against theft if there isn’t a first-rate lock to keep the burglars and thieves out. Therefore, when you are shopping for a safe, you should also look up the finest locks that are available and invest in the one you deem most suitable for your line of work. 

These two popular types of locks preferred by business owners are Mechanical Dial and Electronic Locks. Mechanical locks are budget-friendly and easy-to-use but they are not suitable for those who have difficulty in remembering passwords. Electronic Locks, on the other hand, are highly durable, and very convenient to use but they tend to be a bit expensive. 

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