How to Stay Safe From Becoming a Victim of Locksmithing Scams

Home or commercial lockouts are a common problem that many of us often experience. 

And at times, when we are facing a dire situation of a lockout, we need a specialist who can easily unlock our doors without causing any damage. Before you hire a locksmith service for your home or commercial lockout situation, it is highly important that you have absolute surety you’re not falling into a scam. After all, your locks are expensive, and you don’t want an inexperienced locksmith to handle them.

Here are 4 ways how you can ensure you’re hiring the right person for the locksmithing job. 

1) Learn More About Them by Calling in Advance

Not so sure whom you’re hiring to unlock your home or commercial workplace? Well, how about you call them in advance to learn a bit about their services. For instance, if you’re planning to call a local locksmith located near your place, call their company and ask them all the important questions in advance. 

Some of the questions to ask them can be, 

  • Are you a certified locksmith company & can you send me the certificates in advance? 
  • What kind of tools do you carry to unlock doors or perform other locksmith tasks? 

Other than such questions, you can always visit their social media profiles or Google My Business review sections to see how others have reviewed them. In this way, you will have better clarity on where they stand in the market. 

2) Ask Away If There Are Any Additional Costs Involved

Most locksmiths are shrewd businessmen. When you call them over to fix your locks, they take out some additional problems in your locks or create them, so you end up paying more for a simple lock job. For example, you might just want to get one of your home locks rekeyed, but instead, the hired locksmith ends up giving you a brief lecture on how you should install new locks because your old ones are worn out. 

In fact, at times, they may create a fault in your lock all on their own without you noticing. 

And then, you’re left with no other choice but to pay them extra for something which could’ve been easily fixed. So don’t take the fall just because they start claiming that there are faults & keep a watchful eye. 

3) Check If They Arrive in a Company Vehicle

Now, most locksmiths prefer to choose their own specific rides, which is completely fine as long as they carry a certificate or license for locksmithing on them. But just in case, to be sure you’ve hired an experienced locksmith, always check the type of vehicle in which they arrive. Many locksmith companies have their own branded vehicles, and if the locksmith you hire comes in one, there’s no denying they are legitimate. Many inexperienced locksmiths don’t come in a company-branded vehicle or carry any license. 

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4) Don’t Agree With Everything They Have to Offer You in Advice

If a locksmith tells you that they must break down your door or shatter a window just to get the locks changed, it’s pretty obvious they are inexperienced or don’t know how to fix a lock on the door or a window. Avoid dealing with such people and ask them to instantly leave your premises because they are definitely scamming you. Locks are standalone objects installed inside your doors and windows. They can be fixed easily without causing any damage to your doors or windows whatsoever. 

A locksmith who tells you otherwise isn’t the right person for the job. 

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