How Key Fobs Work & What to Do If They Suddenly Stop Working?

Key fobs are one of the most popular technologies for car keys. Keyless entry systems have made it possible to open doors without a key by using these small remotes, but what if they suddenly stop working? At Super Locksmith 24/7, we explain how key fobs work and offer some tips on what you can do if your key fob suddenly stops working. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

The Key Fob Keyless Entry System Explained

Keyless entry systems are also known as push-button start, remote start or proximity keys, but they all work the same way – by using a wireless system to communicate with the vehicle’s receiver unit (which is usually located under the driver side of the steering column). Key fobs emit a radio signal containing a unique code that is recognized by the receiver unit. Some keyless entry systems use a wireless remote with an integrated button to start your engine, while others have separate buttons for locking and unlocking doors or even trunk release functions.

All Key Fobs Contain Battery That Are Susceptible to Failure

Key fobs are powered by a small lithium battery. Key fobs that are used for unlocking doors typically have a CR2032 or similar coin cell battery, while keyless start systems may use two types of rechargeable batteries – either an 18650-type Li-ion with a voltage range between four and five volts or a custom rechargeable flat-pack ranging in voltages from three to six volts.

Key fob battery life can vary depending on the frequency of use and they may last for up to five years with normal usage, but when it comes time to replace your key batteries you should look out for these signs:

  • Your car key fob starts losing range of its signal or entirely fails to perform its function.
  • Your key fob buttons become non-usable and you may find it difficult to press the buttons on them.

Here are some of the obvious signs which indicate that your car’s key fob battery is about to die anytime soon.

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If your key fob batteries start dying, there are a few options that you can try before replacing the entire unit. You may be able to replace just the battery by prying off the back cover and removing the old battery with a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers. But this method is not encouraged because if you try doing it yourself, you can end up damaging your car’s key fob and compromise the safety of your car keys. Be prepared to take a trip back to the dealer and get your car’s key fob replaced all over.


You can hire a professional locksmith in Norcross GA to replace your key fob battery for you. At Super Locksmith 24/7, we provide a complete car key fob replacement service where our certified locksmiths can come to your assistance in just a phone call. We can replace car key fob batteries for almost any brand of vehicle. Whether you drive a Chevy, Lincoln, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari, Jeep, GMC, Range Rover, or anything else, we can replace the battery in your key fob. No more worrying about traveling all the way to your local dealership.

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