Four Reasons Why Your Padlock Won’t Open

It can get really frustrating when you try opening a padlock and it just won’t. 

When was the last time you found yourself battling with a padlock? If you’ve experienced it recently, then it’s obvious that you’re in need of a padlock change. Often then not, people get under the misconception that the padlock they have is broken just because it’s broken; but that’s certainly not the case. 

There are several reasons why a padlock might fail to open. Eager to learn about them? Well here’s a blog that’s going to do just that. Here are four reasons why your padlock isn’t opening. 

Blocked Keyway 

Have you tried inserting a key inside the padlock and it just won’t fit? If you’re experiencing something similar, it’s probably because there’s a stuck key bit inside the keyhole. Sometimes, it’s a foreign object that might be blocking off the pathway. It can be a lock pin or a broken end of a screwdriver or maybe a pebble, dirt, wood, or pieces of plastic that an insect has dragged in. Either way, if the keyway is blocked, it may require cleaning in order to get the lock all over working again. 

Picking out the fragments yourself can be a time-consuming task. It will require a very skilled hand on tweezers. If you have that talent, then go for it… try clearing the pathway yourself. 

In case, if you don’t have the expertise or the time, you can always resort to professional help. 

Call a certified locksmith in Norcross.

Broken Actuator 

If the key is fully going inside the lock yet when you turn it, it does not open it… it’s a possible sign that your lock’s actuator is malfunctioning. It happens because the connection between the keyway and the device releasing the shackles is severed. 

The shackle simply remains in place irrespective of whether the key is being turned inside the lock or not. If the actuator is broken, it certainly doesn’t indicate that your lock has become useless. It’s a small fix that any locksmith can resolve. 

A certified locksmith can open up the lock and repair the severed connection so the padlock can work again. However, if you’re in a hurry and you don’t want your padlock to be repaired, you can always opt-in to cut the lock. There’s no other way to access it and for that, you will still need a locksmith. 

Frozen Lock Components 

While summer days won’t have much of a harmful impact on your lock, winters can be harmful. In winter, the lock components can freeze which can result in padlock failure to open/close. Do you see signs of frost in different areas of the lock? It’s possibly jammed and may not function correctly. 

Although freezing may not cause any harm in particular to the padlock, trying to force open it just might. Therefore, if your lock components are freezing up, don’t try to force the lock to open up or get over-torqued using a key. If you’ve failed to properly drain the melting ice from the lock, don’t try to open it or you will end up breaking it. Instead, simply wait for the lock to melt. 

One way of melting the ice is to pour Isopropyl Alcohol and rub the lock with it. Heating is another option that can quickly melt the ice and make frozen parts work all over again. 

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Combination Wheel Is Jammed 

Just like shackles, pins, and other parts of your lock, combination wheels can often stop working. There can be a number of reasons why your combination wheel is jammed and not working. If you want to identify them, you will have to hire a certified professional to open them up and explain them to you. 

When a combination wheel is jammed, the shackles inside the lock are not able to be pulled and as a result, they fail to perform the unlocking function. There could be multiple reasons such as rust build-up or something blocking the path of the shackles which might be the cause of why combination wheels are failing. The best way is to apply lubricant to the key and try again. If it still does not work, call a locksmith. 

If your padlock isn’t working and you won’t professional help, calling a certified locksmith for the job is the ultimate solution. At Super Locksmith, we have certified experts with years of experience in repairing & unlocking padlocks. Feel free to get in touch with our professionals to provide assistance. 

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