Car Key Security Guidelines to Always Follow?

Car key security while entering or exiting your vehicle is the topic that can never be over-discussed. Especially keeping the car key theft cases in view, you should take all measures you can to protect your car keys and your vehicle because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Attackers and thieves are always lurking around, trying to find an opportunity or waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can damage your vehicle or steal your car keys. This is what you need to be careful of! Here are some car key security guidelines that one must always follow; 

Always Keep Your Keys Handy

This tip goes for both the times when you are leaving your house and heading to your car or leaving your car and heading to your house’s main door. You need to make a habit of keeping your keys handy all the time. For example, people often stand outside their car and fumble with their bags to find the car keys, this is the kind of situation/mistake attackers are looking for. If you don’t find your car keys in time, they’ll attack you immediately. Such situations can leave you miserable and vulnerable so when leaving your office, make sure you already have your car keys in your hand. And when exiting your car, ensure that you have your home keys in hand before time. 

Always Keep Your Vehicle Locked 

Always be certain when it comes to locking your vehicle when you leave it. This is one of the most important security guidelines for everyone out there with a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you are parking your car during the day time in some public parking area or if it’s the night time. You should never give a free pass to the thieves around to go through your stuff or steal your car. Moreover, if you want to make a phone call and have parked your car somewhere, make sure to lock it from the inside. Nothing leaves you more vulnerable than sitting in an unlocked car with its engine on. These are the kind of mistakes you should never make so when leaving your car or sitting inside, double check if the car is locked or not.

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Maintaining Your Key FOB

The use of key fobs is growing at a rapid pace and it makes sense because they are easier and more convenient for vehicle owners. However, you should always maintain your key fob to avoid the inevitable. For example, if you find anything wrong with the FOB or if it’s falling apart, call a locksmith right away and get the FOB replaced. Sometimes, even if you can’t see anything wrong with the key FOB from the outside, the battery inside can stop functioning. These are the kind of issues anyone can fall victim to but to save yourself from being vulnerable, you can always take some precautionary measures like keeping an extra battery inside your pocket. 

These are some important car key security guidelines to follow. If you think about it, it’s actually all about being careful from situations that leave you vulnerable to attacks and thefts. Keeping your car keys handy all the time, checking on the FOB battery and keeping an extra one and locking your vehicle, it all points out in one direction that you should always be prepared for something inevitable. 

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