Can a Broken Key Be Fixed by a Locksmith?

A broken key in a situation when you least expect can easily turn a good moment into a total catastrophe. Let’s say if you break a key inside the lock, then you may require a professional locksmith to come over and remove the broken key bit from the lock. Not only that, but you may also need his services to provide you with a replacement. 

Similarly, if you lose your house or car key, then it can make you feel like you’ve lost your keys all over again. But there is no need to panic and lose your calm because a locksmith can help you find it or replace it with a new one. Either way, it might get you all wondering if your locksmith can fix a broken key or not!

In this article we are going to explore that and help you learn how locksmiths can fix broken keys. 

So without further ado, let’s read on.

How Keys Work in a Lock? 

When we say a key, it actually refers to a metal tool that’s used in every lock normally to unlock it. We all know how a simple door lock system works. For example, when you insert your key in the hole and turn it around clockwise (clockwise rotation) or anti-clockwise (anti-clockwise rotation), the shear line inside of it gets pulled open and hence your door unlocks. But if you turn the key the wrong way then the shear line gets blocked and your door doesn’t unlock. We all know that, right?

Why Do Keys Get Broken?

So why do keys get broken? There can be many reasons behind it like:

– Using a copy key (since original keys are expensive and there is no need to spend on original ones, we go for a copy)

– Not keeping your keys organized (mistakes can happen, so by keeping them organized you will be able to take care of them)

– Not using the keys carefully (you don’t need to force your key inside the hole, you just need to insert it slowly, gently and smoothly)

– Locking yourself out of your house or car (if you are not careful enough then you may end up breaking the key bit inside the lock, as locks can be as hard as a rock)

Above are just a few reasons but there could be many more. These are the only ones that are common among people, but other reasons are also there.

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Can a Broken Key Be Fixed?

Well if you are reading this article, then I am providing you with the answer already. Yes, it can be fixed. There are many ways that a locksmith can fix a broken key, but we can categorize them into two types:

  • Removal and replacement will be done with the use of your key bit (which means you still have access to the inside of the lock).
  • Removal, modification, or replacement will be done with the use of a locking mechanism (so that once it’s fixed then only it unlocks and not you).

Are you stuck with a broken key somewhere? 

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