What Factors to Consider When You’re Planning for a New Lock Installation?

When was the last time you considered changing the locks on your doors? Has it been a while? 

If you’re planning to change the locks or get a new lock installation at your commercial facility or your residential place, then there are a few things that you need to address. Well, what are those things? That’s precisely what you will be learning here today. So without further ado, let’s check out what factors are highly important to consider when you’re planning a new lock installation at your premises. 

Factor # 1: Is Lock Rekeying an Option? 

If you do not want to change the aesthetics of your home or commercial facility, then have considered simply rekeying the locks at your premises? Is lock rekeying an option? Well, if you are tight on budget and you still want to get the locks changed, then you go for lock rekeying rather than just simple lock installation. Lock rekeying is a very favorable option for all those limited on budget and yet want to change the pins on their locks. They are more concerned about their premises security rather than the aesthetic appeal. 

If they aren’t worn out or damaged, then why not go for lock rekeying as an option? Not a bad idea. 

Factor # 2: Traditional Locks or Modern Locks? 

The next thing you need to consider is whether you want a traditional lock installed at your home or want a more modern lock solution? Both have their perks. Traditional locks are strong and durable; however, they are not quite effective when it comes to security compared to modern locks. They can easily be picked by someone who is an expert in picking locks. Now, if you’re more careful about your home or office security, then getting a modern lock solution can offer you countless benefits. Modern locks come with additional security features such as notifying the security companies when someone tries to break into a premise, for starters. They are more likely keypad or access control based, so nobody can easily access them. And to break them, one requires to be tech-savvy. 

Believe it or not, being tech-savvy isn’t a trait that you may ever find in someone willing to break-in. So decide which lock you will require for your home or office premises before proceeding any further. 

Factor # 3: Is Home Decor & Aesthetic a High Priority? 

If you live in a more traditional style home with a medieval look & feel, then home decor and aesthetics must be a top priority on your list. Now, how can you make things work in your favor when you are more concerned about the aesthetics rather than the security. Here’s what you can do; you can get one of the more latest models of high-tech locks for your main doors, and for your internal home doors, you can still roll with the same traditional styled locks. Just let a professional locksmith have a look, and they will be able to suggest you the best options. They will cherry-pick locks, which will fit perfectly to your home decor. What more could you ask? Right. If aesthetics is your priority, then you need to consider this an option. 

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Factor # 4: Have You Considered Going Keyless? 

Last but not least, with keyless entry systems becoming the new buzzword, have you considered installing a keyless entry system at your home or commercial workspace? Well, if you haven’t considered it yet, now is a perfect time. Most residential and commercial setups are now considering keyless entry systems as the best alternative to all types of traditional lock systems. With a biometric system installation, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a set of keys. The only way one can access your premises is by leaving a thumbprint on the device. Certain keyless systems require you to enter security information using a keypad. Just dial in the numbers & voila, your door is accessible. 

So if you haven’t considered the technology an option, there’s no time better than now to do so. 

Here are some of the factors which are highly essential to consider for searching up new lock installation for their premises. Do you want to install traditional locks or modern locks at your home or workspace? How about you have an interest in getting a keyless system installed? At Super Locksmith, we have all possible lock installation services available just for you. All you have to do is make the call at (678)761-3556

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