Mechanical locks vs electronic locks: Which is better for new lock installation?

There is an interesting debate currently prevailing regarding which lock to use for homes and safes – a mechanical lock or an electronic one. There are questions in everyone’s minds regarding the reliability and sustenance of both types of locks, which can be quite confusing and overwhelming. The final choice comes down to everyone’s personal preference, but there are pros and cons to both the locks, and if they are compared, it can be easier to decide which lock is better than the other. 

Mechanical Lock and Electronic Locks

To understand the rest of the pros and cons, first, you need to understand how both types of locks work. 

A mechanical lock consists of a combination lock where you have to enter a combination by spinning a dial. It’s similar to the locks you used to have on your old school lockers. When the lock tumblers are put in the right position, the lock opens. It’s quite an effective lock system, which is quite simple to use as well. 

On the other hand, it is the more advanced and modern option of electronic locks, also known as e-locks. Contrary to the mechanical locks, the electronic locks require a password combination that is stored on a battery-powered keypad. This combination remains stored even if the battery dies. The lock’s mechanism is put into work when the right combination is entered on the keypad, and the door is unlocked.  

Super-fast access and User-friendly

When it comes to comparing the speedy access and user-friendly usage, electronic locks win hands down. It’s effortless to enter a passcode on this lock even if there is no proper lighting, whereas entering the right combination on a mechanical lock requires proper lighting and time.

With the mechanical lock, you need to be very vigilant about the combination you are entering and the speed of spinning the dial. Even if your hands shake slightly or you spin the dial a little fast, it can become challenging to open the lock. Spinning the dial itself also takes longer than just punching the right passcode into an electrical one. 

Another feature that makes electronic locks a better choice is the ease of changing the passcode combination any time you like. Whereas, for the mechanical lock, you need to call in a locksmith to change the combination.   

Reliability and Dependability

Both the mechanical and electronic locks are quite reliable in their own ways. You must get these locks, especially the mechanical one, from reliable and trustworthy locksmiths. People prefer them because they are more traditional, and people are used to using such locks for new lock installation.

However, the electronic locks also have some salient features that boost their dependability. An electronic lock prevents unauthorized access by blocking the user after multiple failed attempts, which speaks for the level of security you get. The security or the access of the safe or the door remains unaffected even if the keypad is removed. It lasts longer as compared to the mechanical locks.

Budget and Prices

Your budget and prices of the locks would always play a significant role when it comes to deciding which lock is a better investment. Well, both locks are reliable in their way. However, the prices vary from one brand to another. Many companies even provide an upgrade on your existing mechanical lock to and electronic lock. The upgrades may cost anywhere between a hundred to two hundred dollars, but it mostly depends on the company you are associated with. 

Conclusion – Which One is Better?

Before you finally choose, you need to analyze what type of lock you prefer. Do you like the old-fashioned traditional one, or are you more tech-savvy? Do you have any eye-problem, or does operating a lock in the darkness distress you? You like to keep changing your combinations or want to stick with the same for a long time? Can you afford the extra expense of an electronic lock? 

Electronic locks are continuously evolving and becoming more secure, and there is no doubt about it. However, some people find it overwhelming to remember passcodes, change them often, and change the battery occasionally. In such a case, a mechanical lock is preferable. On the other hand, electronic locks do have better features than mechanical ones. They are more dependable and secure in the current times. 

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