7 Frequently Asked Questions from Expert Locksmiths

Are you planning to hire a professional locksmith to help you fix your home locks? Have you recently started a new business somewhere and you want to make sure your workplace is absolutely secure with some of the best locks! If you’re about to get new locks for your premises, then here are 7 frequently asked questions that you must know about before you onboard a professional locksmith for the job. So without further ado, let’s check these questions out. 

Question # 1: Are you an experienced locksmith? 

Experience matters. The first and foremost thing that you may want to ask a professional who you’re hiring is whether he is an experienced individual or just an amateur trying to make some extra bucks on the side. If he’s someone who doesn’t have enough experience, they will hesitate from showing you their licenses or try to perform the job at a fairly cheaper rate than the rest of the market. This can be a clear indication that the locksmith with whom you’re dealing with is not a professional.  You must look for a locksmith that has been in the business for several years and has worked with major brands in the world.

Question # 2: How much will it cost? 

After you’ve done your research and found a professional, contact them to get an idea about what it might cost you if they were to help you with your locks. If you’re comfortable and satisfied with their quote, proceed and hire them for the job. However, if you feel that they’re charging too much or things seem unclear at any point of time, then it’s either best to look around some more or simply avoid such a locksmith altogether. 

Question # 3: What are the different types of security systems that you offer? 

Not all locksmiths out there can help you with everything. There are some who specialize in repairing residential locks while there are others who offer commercial services. If your job falls under the latter category, then look for a professional that offers commercial locksmith services. They would have a better idea about what types of security systems you could use to secure your business premises, including locks and other safety measures.

Question # 4: What are your charges for an emergency locksmith? 

Do you want to save as much as possible on the costs because you’re running short of cash or do you want to hire a professional for their services, but charge more due to the time they have spent visiting your place? That’s where this question comes in handy. There are locksmiths out there who will charge you a little extra for the time they spent visiting your location. However, some professionals will happily agree to your rates and proceed with their work without charging more. It really depends on how much you’re willing to pay against the time they have spent traveling from one place to another.

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Question # 5: Are you licensed, insured & bonded?

This question is one of the most important questions you must ask a locksmith before hiring them for a job. The reason being, if something goes wrong during or after they have completed their job, your insurance company can nullify the claim even if they were not at fault. However, with a licensed and insured professional on site with you, you’re guaranteed that they can compensate you in case anything goes wrong. This is why it is essential that you only hire professionals who are licensed, insured and bonded.

Question # 6: Can you reprogram a car key?

If you’re looking for a locksmith who can help you with your car locks, then the answer to this question is of utmost importance. Not all locksmiths out there can help you with your vehicle locks. A professional that doesn’t have any experience working on cars might not be able to give satisfactory results when they’re dealing with your locks. That is why it is essential that you only hire an experienced professional who can handle your car locks without any problems.

Question # 7: What would happen if I lost my keys?

This is another important question that you must ask a professional before hiring them for a job to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Some locksmiths out there will ask you to bring them the lock if they can’t find any keys. However, an experienced professional will know how to replace or change the entire locking system of your premises without asking for any extra fees. That is why it is essential that you only hire professionals who are skilled in replacing or changing locks.

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